xWinner Token

Cryptocurrency with game and faucet platforms crafted with BEP20 Technology.

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What is xWinner?

xWinner; It offers ease of use in the games and entertainment industry using blockchain technology, and allows you to receive faster and safer payments from micro earning platforms.

  • BEP20 uses the Binance Smart Chain network.
  • It allows you to receive payments quickly with its easy interface.
  • A decentralized Crypto Token.

You can also sell your digital products. You can earn by using the Faucet micro earning software that we offer with free open source codes. For new ico projects.

xWinner Contract Address

Binance Smart Chain
To add XWNR Token to cold wallets like TrustWallet and Metamask, use the contract address below, do not use fake xWinner addresses!


Safe and fast trading, start now.

You can exchange quickly and easily on PancakeSwap exchange via your Metamask or Trust Wallet.

  • 01 What is an ICO? (pre-sale)

    ICO (initial coin offering) is public offering with pre-sale.

    A certain amount of Tokens are offered for sale to the public to build volume before projects are listed on exchanges.
    You can watch a short video about the ICO.

    What is ICO?

  • 02 What is a Wallet?

    First you have to create a wallet, you can use Metamask or Trust Wallet for this.
    If you need help, watch the video bellow.

    Create Wallet

  • With PancakeSwap exchange, you can swap your xWinner Tokens as you wish, first you need to connect with the wallet you have used. This process is reliable and easy.
    If you need help, watch the video below.

    Usage PancakeSwap


xWinner Games Application

For xWinner gifts limited to 500 million that we have distributed within the scope of Airdrop, you can download our Android application from Google Play and start earning.


We are growing with you on the way to our goal every day.


- xWinner earnings via XLMWin site.
- Sales of digital products with xWinner.

It's being worked on.

- Testing of Beta Staking System.
- The process of developing open source projects for developers.
- Faucet & Game | Android and IOS application development process.

It's being worked on.

- After the ICO phase, Pancakeswap in can also be exchanged.
- The studies required to be listed on more popular exchanges initiation.(Azbit.com - Vindax.com)

It's being worked on.

- Necessary agreements with micro earning and entertainment platforms in order to provide more usage area of xWinner.
- To be among the TOP 100 in marketcap volume.
- Open source and staking programs in the development process completion.

It's being worked on.

- Creating more useful platforms for developers.
- Innovations / improvements for Mobile and Desktop applications.
- Mainnet operation is starting.